Catalyst for Change

Change is necessary for life.

Change begets uncertainty.

Uncertainty is not intrinsically bad.

Given these three premises and billions of years of evolution it’s unbelievable to me how terrified and opposed we are to change.  We, as a species, consume countless resources fighting and preparing for change.  We as individuals often break down fundamentally in the face of sporadic or rapid change.

I believe the acceptance of change lies in the relinquishment of our expectations of and from it.  I believe that in many instances stability and uncertainty are not mutually exclusive of one another, and finally…

I believe that nothing can and will ever change,  for the better, if people don’t talk.

This blog will be my voice in the conversation of life.  My opinions and the events in my life will be posted here as they happen.  Society is a smog of filters in modern culture, and no one can expect anyone’s life to improve if we can’t see each other clearly.

The Stream Rages…

I can’t remember the last time I went a full day without crying.

I can feel the ground giving way beneath me and lately I feel there’s nothing to hold onto.

This one’s going to stick. There’s no room for me in her life anymore…

The isolation I feel arrests the breath in my lungs and even keeping my eyes open is exhausting.

I’m scared.

Open Waters

It’s been three years.

The story is a long and turbulent one, but it’s one I need to share.

I expect the account may unfold … Fractally, but I’ll surely be thorough.

Expect several entries to this topic amidst free flowing thoughts for the coming days/weeks.

Eq’s Shower Philosophy

I find myself wondering this morning if somatic symptoms of a personality flaw can persist through a change in personality/perception/preference…

Can a timid child still feel the pressure of anxiety as an extroverted adult? .. Is the answer the same if the adult is convinced they no longer have any psychological adversity to anything that stressed them as a child..?