Eq’s Shower Philosophy

This may not be the best topic on which to start something like this… but I don’t control what goes through my mind most times.

Any time I shower, I get bored.  No ill implication toward my girlfriend, I must clarify.  There’s simply very little stimulation standing in a glass box for 20 minutes.  That being said, my mind wanders and my aforementioned girlfriend is convinced others might find interest in where.

I say this is likely not the best of topics, because I really drew no conclusion today.  I posited the following question:

“If aliens came to Earth, peacefully, proving the existence of life beyond Earth, Jesus came to Earth, and displayed, irrefutable proof that he was in fact the son of God, AND a prominent, influential World Leader was assassinated all in the same day, what would be covered on the 6 o’clock news?”

Just a question this time around.  I’m sure deeper ideas and thought experiments will transpire…but what can you really expect from 6am shower-time?

Very little indeed.

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