Eq’s Shower Philosophy

The frequency with which these are posted, will be determined by interesting content… not by the build up of flies around me, necessitating another shower.  I promise I shower more frequently than these posts.  That being said, a brief lead up:

This morning, once my eyes gave in to my mind and opened, I asked My Heart,

“What is it you can be certain of?”

To which was replied “I’m certain I love you, and that you love me”.  As good a start to the day as any.  When my question was directed back at me I of course replied “My own existence.”, without missing a beat like the classy, philosophical, fucker that I am.

My shoulder still hurts.

The idea that I’m expressing here, is Solipsism, and to those of you who didn’t waste thousands of dollars and years of your life listening to old people talk, here’s a link:


If we allow the train of thought to stop in other parts of the world for a moment, we’re afforded the consideration of certain Buddhist teachings.  On a very rudimentary level Buddhism teaches that we exist only as a amalgamate of 5 aggregates.

The crib notes version is that no ‘self’ exists beyond the following:

Mental Formations

Consideration of these two teachings this morning lead contradiction to sting my mind as soap stung my eyes.

Descartes would argue that all five of those aggregates exist as uncertainties, and that the only certainty can be found in the existence of SOMETHING upon or by which those aggregates are being enacted.  Buddhism seems less concerned about certainty and more concerned by an acceptance of a lack there of.

My take on certainty is a mixed bag.  I believe without an infallible foundation of belief that everything else loses value.  Without this foundation, intent becomes chance.  All thoughts or actions based on false premises or foundations terminally lose value.  Chance isn’t to be respected.  Appreciated perhaps, but not respected.

The catch to my personal line of thinking of course, is that uncertainty does not necessarily beget an unstable foundation of belief.  Thoughts and actions based on an understanding of uncertainty and a relinquishment of expectation, RETAIN VALUE.

As I write this I’m beginning to derive the idea that self exists not as an amalgamation of aggregates, or as an undefined being these attributes are all applicable to, but as an archive of retained value.  It seems intuitive to say we exist as a tally of our past actions.  The good, the bad, it all makes up who we are as people.  Why not extrapolate this idea to the metaphysical?

Only question now is.. ‘Where’s my towel?’, this chair is utterly soaked.

One thought on “Eq’s Shower Philosophy

  1. It is not /entirely/ related, per sey, but some random on CBC was discussing the idea of ‘self’ or ‘mind’ that Australian Aboriginals have. Apparently they have a hierarchy of three ‘minds’ that you have – the first and biggest being the gut/instinct, the second and second largest being the heart/emotions, and the third and smallest being the logical mind. An interesting idea, but I have to admit it goes against most everything I believe. My gut has taken me some pretty shitty places, and my heart has taken me to very dark ones, and the only way I’ve really found to avoid this is to stay in the logical mind.

    I guess how it relates lies in this question: how do you think Buddhism would approach/react to this idea? I do think it falls into the idea of Solipsism still, but I don’t like the balance.


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