The Only Thing That Matters

I wanted to take a moment to expand upon my beliefs of foundation and its ultimate, absolute importance regarding…literally everything.  It sounds like an enormously arrogant claim, to believe one thing to be of greater import than all else so strongly, but I hope to explain my stance a little through a series of ramblings.

Ironically, I begin this ‘thought tour’ (?), not at the root of foundation, but at the canopy of action and the branches of intent.  Trees are awesome.

Without healthy branches, or proper intent in this case, our actions, the leaves, are unable to support or sustain themselves.  The impact, or value, of our actions is directly related to the value of our intent.  Likewise, without a solid foundation, or root network, the whole system collapses.  Likewise, likewise … if a disease infects a tree at its roots, it’s only a matter of time before its affects are manifested in the quality of its leaves…  but I grow tired of plants, on to how this works logically.

The foundation of my entire stance in this regard is based on the acceptance of the following premises:

1.) All normally functioning people possess beliefs.
2.) There are always innumerable quantities of these beliefs.
3.) Without careful consideration of the foundation of these beliefs, coupled with frequent reassessment of one’s belief network, contradictions necessarily will arise.

I have to stress, I use the term ‘belief’ here, not in any religious context, but as a method to describe any established perception or opinion on… anything at all.

I genuinely believe my first two premises are without question, and if there is any conflict there, please by all means speak up.  The third may require a little insight:

This is where things may get a little biblical – not because it’s my intent to attack theology, but because it’s a topic on which I am educated and examples most easily spring to mind.  Examples of belief contradiction are so rife in religious context due to the extreme nature of religious belief.  In terms of belief networks and foundations of action, religion can be seen as the bottom line in the eyes of many who have adopted it.  That being said, tattoos and clothing meant to celebrate religious expression LITERALLY fly in the face of religious doctrine:

Leviticus 19:19 reads: “…nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together”
Leviticus 19:28 states: “‘You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD.

I’m not sparking a debate about the existence of God, but devoting one’s life to something is objectively cheapened when obvious conflict exists between action and foundation of belief.  The cute cross tattoo you got isn’t cute when it drives cracks into the very belief structure you model your life around.  This idea is pervasive and can be applied to ANY belief network.  If one holds beliefs simultaneously that are contradictory in nature, conclusions, actions and intent -derivative of those contradictions- lose any potential value.  The actions/results themselves may garner circumstantial value, but they themselves are worthless, as they are based on worthless premises.

The ultimate conclusion I reach through all of this is that:

Truth, such as it is defined as the ACTUAL reality of a given thing, is the only concept which possesses intrinsic value as all other rational, non-contradictory concepts must be a derivative of truth, and thus also derive their value from it.

A comprehensive understanding of a given truth begets a solid foundation of belief and weeds out contradiction.  Belief networks, and resultant actions/intents/purposes, only retain value when they are derivative of a ‘truth’.  This is what I’m calling derivative value.

If every decision you make in life is ultimately founded on shaky, unreliable, belief mined can you expect to stand up straight?


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