The Stream Flows…

Who would have thought that a blog opening with a desire for discussion would be so quiet.  The truth of the matter is, well formulated ideas take time before expression of them is sensible.

That said, I wish to write more.  I’ve kept a stream of consciousness journal my entire life, I believe I’m going to continue this practice here.  Updates made in this format are going to often lack any context entirely.  My goal since the moment I began keeping this journal was to use it as a way to retrospectively assess the emotions and influential factors in my life at the time of writing it.  I found the inclusion of too many specific details or contextual information would bias my post event assessment of myself.

The posts will be more frequent, though often much shorter, this will afford me the opportunity to update on the fly as I’m ‘living life’.

Without further adieu:

The Stream Flows…

There’s something to be said for the craving one possess for discord… little else could explain the fighting.  Heaven and Hell exist symbiotically, which side am I on?

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