The Stream Flows…

Just a transcript of a conversation with my mother.. at my weakest point.

My mother: K well i guess  Sounds like u have everything covered and under control… still doesnt include me. And no apology. Glad i could be there …hope all works  out the best …:'(

Me:  I’m not apologizing for anything.   Let it go and move on.

I’ll be in Grande Prairie.   Maybe for a long time.  You can be included as much as you want in that… I’m going to be surrounded by people who love me.. I hope the whole family can get together a couple times.. I’d love the reminder.

Her:   Well the family doesnt get together so i guess u can hang with grandpa and cheryl and sara.

Im the one that loves u unconditionally.

Me:  .. so do they.

Her:   Thats why i ask them to call u so that i know your still alive

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