The lessons learnt in dark places are made more clear by the light through yonder window
Dawn shatters the sky like a mosaic of dreams adrift on sunbeams and yesterday seems but a memory

Hard lessons leave their marks on my skin, but how could I refrain?
My heart bursts with the courage to make love known, I am one who loved not wisely, but too well

For you to be in shady cloister, not a peep
Out of sight
Passions dispersed by distance and time

The past remains a minefield of damned spots to be rid of, a lesson above all else: To thine own self be true
The course of love never did run smooth

A summer’s day begs no comparison, my only fear;
Wherefore art thou, Tomorrow



The Stream Flows…

As I washed my body this morning.. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the parallels this day draws from the act of washing myself of my past sins..

A new start.  Arguably a bad one, an uncertain one, but a start none the less.

I scrawled the word ‘WHY?’ Onto my shower wall the night she left…I’m no closer to finding an answer today than I was then… I believe, in lieu of an answer, I should seek the context of that inquiry that retains value after all this time…

Why she left, is simply the wrong question.

The Stream Flows…

Go away…

Of course it’s been easy for you, you have a life outside of us, you have a purpose, something to keep you busy.

No, you’re right.  I don’t have that.  You recognized that I was missing precisely that and instead of inspiring change or believing change was even possible, you ran.

You saw pain and deficit in someone you loved and instead of making me see reality you took the life you had and left me with what was left of a life you took part in dismantling.


I’m picking up and slowly gluing back together the pieces of myself.  I hope I haven’t lost any.

The Stream Flows…

I spent my morning crying on the kitchen floor,for two hours, the pool of tears growing around me.  Is this the strength she spoke of moments before instilling permanency upon our situation?

Perhaps she’s grown to be more perceptive than I.

I find it hard in my current state to see past the permanency of darkness…may time afford my eyes the clarity required to continue…