The Stream Flows…

I thought we both knew how hard it would be.  The conclusion I’ve drawn is that you were unable to handle me at my worst…  I believed you when you said you knew how difficult a climb we had before us… when you told me it would be ok, and we would keep fighting to get past problems like this, but you couldn’t do it.  You couldn’t take me at my worst, it was harder than you anticipated, and I don’t blame you for leaving…

You said things that left scars that will likely never heal, I know I did the same…  You say you retracted them immediately, as though it makes them easier to accept, it doesn’t.  We were condemned because you couldn’t forgive my mistakes and slips the same way I could forgive yours.  We were condemned because I needed 45 minutes longer to realize that I’d lost control of myself again.. instead of seeing it immediately.

I know I was wrong in how I acted.  I wish I could have shaken the blurriness from my perception sooner, to stop the train barreling from my mind right into your heart…

I’ll always love you, I’m sorry I wasn’t faster.. stronger.. able to see the problem before it escalated.

I’m sorry it was too difficult for our relationship to survive, I hope you find happiness, My Heart…

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