Eq’s Shower Philosophy…

I found myself starring at a wall of words that I’ve sobbed into the condensation over the last few months.

What’s wrong with me?

..and most notably:  There will always be something you can control: Yourself

I began questioning the point of it all.  What is the point of trying when the people you love give up on you?  I stood thinking a moment, the water cascading down my back, washing my fears down the drain like weeks of tear stains and sweat, compiled through the broken will of a man who once had it all.

I concluded that the point to all this, was to build oneself into a state worthy of that future someone who can see past the masks one wears.  Someone who can love me when I laugh, love me when I scream and know that BOTH of these things are manifested through fear, fear of showing weakness, fear of letting pain show, fear of falling down and being unable to stand back up.

It’s time to be worthy.

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