I‘m a 27 year old man with the mind of a philosopher and the heart of a poet.  I’ve kept a Stream of Consciousness journal, offline, for nearly 10 years now.  It’s comprised largely of emotions and half thoughts… This blog is my effort to open the doors and windows into the parts of me few have ever heard of.

I’ve grown tired of silence and obscurities ruining so many things in my life… It’s the things we don’t say to each other that are often the most meaningful, the.. most true.  I feel like, as social a species as we are, we’re distancing in fundamental ways from each other like never before.

I guess I don’t want to contribute to that.  I want to be sure that someone close to me…knows who they are close to.  Love it or hate it, I exist as a compilation of thoughts, opinions, experiences and emotions.  I’m tired of hiding so much of who I am.

This is transparency.

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