A Day of Contemplation

I want to sincerely thank all those who’ve extended birthday wishes.  It’s overwhelming to say the least.

It has been a trying 12 months for me, It’s the support of those that care that afford me the strength to persist.

Breathe meaningfully, each day a new chapter, each step a word.

The Stream Flows…

I feel both trapped and disregarded.  I’m a prisoner of thoughts I can’t control and emotions that do not listen. My inability to feel comfort in the expression of either around you is a product of how my past expression has been met with anger, frustration, derision.

My fear was met with resentment.. It wasn’t my choice to cry half the night in silence.. it was yours to get in my face during a state of fear and confusion, throwing me out instead of.. trying to understand with me.

My heart free falls once more.. waiting for compassion to catch it.